Prior to the formation of the Margaret E. Moul Foundation, the York County Cerebral Palsy Home, Inc. (doing business as the Margaret E. Moul Home) was incorporated. The newly constructed facility was opened on January 5, 1982.

Following several months of operation with almost total funding through medical assistance monies, the Board of Directors of the Home decided to assist in developing a reserve of funds for operating purposes. A special club was created to recognize individuals who contributed the sum of $1,000 or more in cash or equivalent donations to the Home. This club became known as The Heritage Club with contributions directed into a special Endowment Fund. As qualifying contributions were received, so grew the membership of The Heritage Club. The first recognition dinner for charter members was held on October 20, 1983.

As contributions to the Home and the Heritage Club continued to grow, it became apparent that in order to ensure the financial stability of the Home, the growing Endowment Fund needed to be managed well into the future. On June 6, 1987, the Margaret E. Moul Foundation was incorporated as a separate entity charged with providing financial stability through contributions to supplement the medical assistance payments used to operate the Home. The mission of the Foundation was, and still is “to provide, maintain, support and solicit funds to … aid and assist the operation” of the Home.

The Foundation supports the Home through revenue generated from various sources, such as:

The Margaret E. Moul Foundation Board of Directors meet on a quarterly basis. Presently, the following individuals serve as Directors:

Representing the Home, in attendance at each Board meeting are the Chairman of the Margaret E. Moul Home’s Board, the Executive Director and the Director of Visibility and Resource Development, all of whom have no voting power.

Through sound managerial decisions, the Foundation has become a very integral part of the continued success of the Home.  As the Home planned its major construction and renovation project, completed in 2002, a Capital Campaign was conducted to raise the funding required for the project. It was at this time that the Foundation Board of Directors made a commitment to guarantee the repayment of the mortgage loan.  In order to fulfill this commitment, the Foundation makes a monthly contribution to the Home to assist in the mortgage loan payments.  It is very important that the Foundation continues to grow financially, thereby increasing the benefit available to the Home and its residents.