Donor Stories

Shelly Memorial Garden

Shelly Memorial Garden
As a bequest gift from Grayce M. and Paul R. Shelly, a Japanese-inspired garden was created in the Margaret E. Moul Home’s west courtyard in 2004 and was named the Shelly Memorial Garden. Over the years, many residents, staff and visitors have enjoyed the peaceful beauty and relaxation of the garden.

The Garden consists of a water feature, distinctive foliage, a pergola and solid teakwood benches. Today, the garden also includes the 30th Anniversary Time Box, the Memory Lane and most recently, the new teakwood Memorial Benches.

Following the completion of the garden, Grayce Shelly’s daughter and sister made a generous contribution to the Foundation to be invested and the proceeds to be used for the perpetual maintenance of the Shelly Memorial Garden.

30th Anniversary Time Box
At the 30th anniversary of the Home’s founding, it seemed only fitting to create a historical legacy that could be preserved for a future special anniversary. A “Time Box” of solid oak with brass trim, crafted by a staff member, was filled with historical facts and memorabilia. During a special rededication to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Shelly Memorial Garden, the Time Box was unveiled.  It will be opened at the 50th anniversary of the Home’s founding in 2032.

The Memory Lane
To continue the tradition of the Shelly Memorial Garden, the Home established a Memory Lane in the garden – a place for those who wish to memorialize a family member or friend who had played a part in the Home’s history – a resident, volunteer, staff member, board member or contributor.

This endeavor provides a tangible setting for residents and friends to remember a loved one and feel proud of the time they have given to support the Home’s mission. Proceeds from the purchase of a memorial paver will help maintain the upkeep of the garden. The Memory Lane is centered around a 12” X 12” special memorial paver placed under the pergola and dedicated to our Founder, “Peg Moul”. The surrounding 6” X 6” pavers will be used for the Serenity Single memorials.

The Memorial Benches
As a way to honor a loved one while supporting the Margaret E. Moul Home, memorial benches may be purchased to be placed in the Shelly Memorial Garden.  Currently, there are memorial benches in memory of Margaret E. and Russel L. Moul, Arthur J. Glatfelter, Frederick J. Doll, Charles W. and Mary J. Hash, the Smith Family, Lavern H. and Miriam Brenneman and Harry F. Miller.




Employer Matching Gift Programs

Since 1997, Mr. Joseph Long, son of Foundation Board member Evelyn Long, has supported the Foundation with a year-end contribution. Thanks to Mr. Long and the Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program, together they have contributed more than $33,000 to the Foundation.

Mr. David Wise, a family member of one of the Home’s residents, and Merck’s Matching Gift Program have given more than $30,000 to the Foundation.

Thanks to Mr. Long and Mr. Wise and their matching gifts to the Margaret E. Moul Foundation, they have made a difference by doubling the impact of their donations.


Arthur J. Glatfelter

In June of 1979, Art headed the fundraising campaign seeking an additional $750,000.00 to build the Home at its current location on Barley Road.

He was Chairman of the Foundation’s Endowment Fund Development Committee from 1987 to 1992. Art received the Russell Moul Memorial Award (named for Mrs. Moul’s husband) in 1993 and again in 1995. Art made significant personal and financial contributions to the Home and Foundation. Due to his long association with Margaret Moul and the value which he saw in the Home for its residents, in addition to those financial contributions which he made during his lifetime, he transferred the ownership of a life insurance policy on his life, which was valued at $383,394 at the time of his death, to the Foundation. He also left a bequest of $250,000 in his Will to the Foundation.

Art will be remembered as a very successful businessman, who was a well-known leader in the insurance industry, a leader in the nonprofit community, a humanitarian and a philanthropist. His personal and financial contributions to the Home and Foundation have been immeasurable!