Endowment Fund

What is the purpose of the Endowment Fund?
The Endowment Fund is to provide financial assistance to the Margaret E. Moul Home whenever necessary and as needed by the Home.

What are the investment objectives for the Fund?
The investment goals for the Fund are a modest level of current income and growth of principal.

What is the asset allocation to achieve this goal?
The current asset allocation is (+ or – 10%) 70% in equities or common stocks and (+ or – 10%) 30% in fixed income or bonds and cash. The allocation in fixed income investments will provide a flow of income and stability to the Fund. The allocation in equities will provide the long term growth.

What are the responsibilities of the Members of the Board of Directors?
The Directors review the investment performance of the Fund on a quarterly basis. The performance is compared to the appropriate indices for each sector of the Fund, i.e. Large Cap Value, Medium Cap Value, etc. As long as the investment performance is in line with the indices, the Directors do not plan to make a change in investment managers.